March 2007!

Well hello!!
It's been a year since I've sat down to bang on this ol' pc to talk with you but I got news!!! (some of you who drop by the G book have heard inklings perhaps?)
Code Blue is stable and out of the ICU and on its way to you… and a difficult patient it has been!
It's been a long time coming but that can be a good thing a lady once told me! Who wants a quickie any way?

I will be touring in the UK, Spain, Poland, Tunisia, Italy and I hope you can get out to hear us! The band is smokin' the new tunes are strokin' so don't you miss it, I ain't jokin'!
Thanks so much to you all for dropping by the web zone! It's wonderful to have your thoughts and feelings about the music, feelings and friends we all share and love.

OK now, a bit more about the record, (cd's are so small. Do you remember "My big twelve inch…record of my favorite Blues!?") We have some Badd Kats laying it down for you to groove in! Rico McFarland is blowing like a kilt on the moors! James Knowles booming power and subtle control are legendary in Chicago and beyond! Jessie Cross Known by his friends and fans as Slim is always silky smooth in his delivery and style in the bottom! (Don't ask me girls, it's the word on the street!?)

The legendary power and tradition of Chicago Blues guitar Lurrie Bell, brings his potency to the cauldron and a powerful wizard he is! Barrel House Chuck adds the knowledge and tradition of his mentors Little Brother Montgomery and Sunnyland Slim to create a seething, soothing acoustic set!

There are a lot of new tunes that have been boiling in my head and heart for a long time and I hope that you enjoy them. They touch on my adopted "Sweet Home Chicago", current events and the every day experiences we call The Blues!

We will soon be posting on the website a few sounds from Code Blue in the making... let us know what you think and holler back!
That's just for starters baby, there's more but we gotta keep some surprises for ya! Hasta La Vista mi amigos we hope you are hot, happy and ready for…….CODE BLUE!!!


November 3rd, 2006

Hello everybody!
Hope the Blues is being good to you!
I just got back from Eslov in Sweden where the weather was cold but the people were hot!
Ralph and his band The Big Bang hosted a wonderful festival that was sweeter than honey and sticky gooey good, and we tried to taste it all!

Our crew were excited and when the time came struck like Thor’s hammer! It was on baby! So much so we didn’t want to quit and the audience was there from the one to the last cadenza!

There were wonderful players from all over the northern regions and they played with the kind of fire it takes to keep those lovely ladies up there warm at night (!), then when we thought it couldn’t get better Mick Taylor screams onstage, slide smoking and strutting with the flame that made The Stones slip into his groove and rock til he got tired! I joined him for a finale that left the crowd trembling with the pleasure we shared!

It was great and one of those shows you don’t want to end!
Thanks to you wonderful Swedes, especially you in Eslov for opening your hearts and homeland to us and the music we all love so much!

Can’t wait to come and swing with you again, God bless you and may some one you like undress you, real soon!
Sugar Blue

Check out pictures, reviews & more from the ESLOV Blues Fest:

September 12th, 2006

Hello my dear friends and music lovers, I hope you had a hot summer of sun, fun and soulful sounds to tan-talize you!
This season has been a blaze of blues, news and dues! The tour in Italy this season was beyond reason! I love the sights, sounds, the soul and flavor of this wonderful country and its people!

Among the many marvellous moments I spent there, the best was to come at the end of the tour through Melvin Taylor the great Chitown guitarist. We spoke long distance from the windy city and he told me that Mama Rosa of Rosa's lounge was in Italy and so we contacted her and she took to the road with us!
I love that woman, her heart is as big as the international family she holds within it! Thank you Mama,I can't tell you how much it meant to see you and share your home and country!

On a more somber note I am very sorry to have to tell you of the passing of a legendary voice of Chicago blues. Johnnie Dollar the great guitarist and singer was a flame that warmed the cold and windy nights in that tough town long before I got there,I loved his music and treasure the times we shared on stage together.
God bless you my friend I will miss you.

I had the great pleasure of playing in Monaco at the Hotel du Paris with the fabulous pianist Doctor Gabs of Lausanne Switzerland! It is always a pleasure to hear and play with this joyous and talented man,you have to hear him to believe! Thank you maestro,let’s do it again soon! I met Doctor Gabs in Zurich, where he
hosted a concert featuring the lovely and talented organist Shirley Scott! I was playing at Splendid where Rosie presides over one of the sweetest little piano bars in town,he heard me swinging and voila Invited me to join the roster the next evening,we been kicking it ever since! See you in The Big Apple at a very special venue in 07???

Now,where were we? Ah,yes! We played in Croatia on a beautiful island in the Adriatic sea, breath taking!
We were joined by Peaches Staten and the Nick Becattini band for a marvellous concert under the stars, it was a night to remember, and we will!

I ran into Ronnie Baker Brooks band at the Magic Blues fest in Switzerland and they were on fire!!! It was such a pleasure to see and hear him again, slashing like a razor through the nite, cutting the distance away and for a few moments bringing my heart back to Sweet Home Chicago. Thank you Ronnie!

Old man winter is on his way and so are we! The studio beckons and preparations for the assault have been under way through the summer months… it’s been so long since I’ve been in the studio working on my own material, though I did join Peaches Staten and Sandra Hall on their individual efforts!
Thank you ladies for making me a part of your musical lives!
My project I hope to have ready by January-February, keep your eyes and ears open ‘cause The Harpzilla cometh!

Well it’s time to end this opus until next time, I must thank Ila, Big Moe, Alberto, Sergio, our new agent Massimo of Break Live Music and you!
In the words of one of my favourite bands “All you need is love!”
Take it easy Greasy, y’all got a long way to slide!

Sugar Blue

June 24th, 2006

Well I'm back from the road and it's been a blast babies!
I was in beautiful tuscany where they were having a celebration of The Music, food and wonderful people of New Orleans!
I ran into an old friend who happens to be one of the finest exponents of the rhythm board (wash board for you initiates!:-)) Washboard Chaz and he was swinging harder than a pendulum in an earth quake! If you aint hip to him,get hip quick!
I met Lil Malcolm and the House rockers and my my they sho'nuff is!

Y'all remember Jethro Tull? Blodwyn Pig? Well at this same fun fest Mick Abrahams the guitar voice of these bands was wailing like a banshee as well! It was a BOMB babies and we got to light the fuse!
We (Ila Lantieri,bass Big Mo Punzi,drums, Paulo Fabris,guitar Michele Papadia, organ) were privileged to close the evening and they all came up to join us in an orgiastic rendition of The Pontiac Blues! Every body was singin’and swingin, jukin’ and pukin’ ‘til the wee hours of the mornin’ and I guarantee a good time was had by all! We wish you were there chillun!

Just a few lines to keep in touch and up to date with you to let you know how much we love and appreciate your eyes and ears! God bless you and may somebody you like undress you,real soon!
Ciao for now and keep New Orleans in your hearts and minds, the work and need of your help is far from over…..

Sugar Blue


June 2006

Hi there again, I have been on the road quite a bit lately...
It seems like it will take a little more time than expected to have the new CD released, as negotiations are still in in the meantime... if you want to hear the new tunes.....come to the concerts!!

The summer festivals are lining up, I will be playing in Croatia for the first time and I am really looking forward to meeting the Croatian blues fans... we gonna rock with you!

My management is expanding our borders across Europe, while the band and I are working on some new material...and a couple of interesting projects...

Stay tuned! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel...!

Keep coming back and drop a line ...always good to hear from you!

Sugar Blue

Feb 2006

Hello! It's the renovation, coming to you from the cyber soul of an analogue man! Thank you first and foremost for visiting my site! Let me update you on the happenings, and there have been a few. I have relocated to the old country and for the last few years (Sweet home Chicago,I'll love you always!) have been touring in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, France and the UK!

I will release a new cd in the spring (promo tour ahead!) and I am working on a couple of other interesting projects. As you know if you have visited my site before it has been the cobweb cavern since the 1900's! No more!! It's been updated, you can find news and info about my doings, comings and goings. photos. mp3s.etc. hope you'll enjoy surfing! Also there is Booking & Management info, as well as a guestbook where you are invited to correspond with me.

I will be looking forward to hearing from y'all and hope to see ya on the road! May God bless you and someone you like undress you!

Sugar Blue