From the heart of a bluesman and the soul of an innovator!
...the long awaited new recording by one of the widely recognized harmonica virtuosos!!

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BILLBOARD: "powerful and fluent harmonica player who is also an effective and heartfelt singer in addition to being a superior writer of blues-oriented songs..." - read more

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CODE BLUE & Blogs....:

"Harmonica genius..."

"Through the music found on Code Blue you'll be able to experience Sugar Blue's unique modern musical soulful mix of blues, jazz and funk styles..."Harmoniciste virtuose, Sugar Blue est un grand bluesman. On le retrouve en grande forme sur ce ‘Code Blue’, développant le langage de l’harmonica à la fois libre et très ancré dans une tradition du blues.
Backstage Radio News - Belgium

"Sugar Blue came to the sound check right straight from the plane and mesmerized everyone with his energy and fantastic virtuosity...!"
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Bob Putignano - - New York, NY
"Mardi Gras Soul Revue" - - Kauai, HAWAII, USA
Helsinki's Blues Cafe -
WNTI in New Jersey
"Blues Summit" 93.5 WMWV - Conway, NH
"Rock-it Science' - 91.9 WNTI Hackettstown NJ
ROCK FM - Italy
Saturday Night Fish Fry - 90.5FM WICN<Worcester, MA
Crossroads Cafe - - Barcelona - Spain
BEAUB FM 89 Mhz LIMOGES - France
KAOLIN FM 88.4 Mhz Correze,Dordogne,Haute-Vienne - France
RMJ FM 90.1 Mhz Haute-Vienne,Vienne, Indre - France
"Good Time Blues radio program" - Buenos Aires - Argentina
"Rollin with the Blues" Fred Hawley
Smokestack Lightnin' on WUCF, 89.9FM, Orlando, Florida
SONIC GUMBO'S "BLUE 50" -KHEN 106.9 fm /Salida CO
WBOR 91.1 FM Brunswick, Maine
KMFB 92.7 FM / 96.7 FM
FM 100.5 KTDE... The Tide
BLUES GROOVE listen here BBB FM, 89.1, Tanunda, South Australia
BLUESVILLE - XM satellite radio

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* Track list

MP3 Samples

1 - Kristalline (Whiting)


2 - Chicago Blues  (Whiting-Lantieri)


3 - Bluesman  (Whiting-Lantieri)


4 - Walking alone (Whiting-Lantieri)


5 - Cold blooded man   (Whiting)


6 - NOLA (Whiting-Lantieri)


7 - Bad boys heaven (Whiting)


8 - Let it go (Whiting-Lantieri-Montaleni)

9 - Shed no tears (Whiting)

10 - I don't know why (Whiting)


111 --High you can't buy (Whiting-Lantieri-Montaleni)

All songs published by Blue Savage Publishing, ASCAP


* Liner notes & Credits:

Rico McFarland : guitar
Jesse Slim Cross : bass
James Knowles : drums
Damiano Della Torre : Hammond C3, Wurlitzer, Piano, Accordion, various keyboards...
Ilaria Lantieri : bass
Sergio Montaleni : guitar

Marco "more than perfect" Guarnerio: guitar on "Bluesman"
Mario Punzi: drums on "Bluesman"
Barrelhouse Chuck: piano on "Bad Boys Heaven"
on "I don't know why": Paul Camilleri, Andy Grimm: acoustic gtr Felix Mueller: bass
Orlando Ribar: drums
Background Vocals: Peaches Staten, Sugar Blue, Ilaria Lantieri, Marco Guarnerio

Special Guest: Lurrie Bell on "Bad Boys Heaven"


* Lyrics:


I met a wicked woman one cold chicago night she had a thrilling beauty I knew it wasn't right...
You're a strange white lady, tell me honey what's your name she said baby I ain't no stranger just call me krystalline cocaine... She was wrapped in silver shining through the nite she made promises that faded in the light
You're a strange white lady, tell me honey what's your name she said baby I ain't no stranger just call me krystalline cocaine...
She took all of my money, left me shivering alone I woke up broke and hungry, my friends and family gone... You're a strange white lady, tell me honey what's your name she said baby I ain't no stranger just call me krystalline cocaine...

She used me and abused me I thought I'd die that day but deep down inside myself I found the strength to walk away from that strange white lady honey now I know your game you're just an evil woman, ms krystalline cocaine.

Chicago Blues

Ain't no muddy waters in Chicago and the wolf don't howl no more
Jr wells and the Bad Axe have left the killing floor
Dixon was the glory of the blue knights that ruled the Checkerboard when Johnny Dollar, Lefty Dizz and Big Voice Odom roared
The lites burned hot in Pepper's Theresa's boogied allnight long and jewtown cooked a smokey ryhtm but the train done blowed and gone Little Walter and Sunnyland Slim could turn the nite to day Fred Below and Odie Payne could swing the nite away
Eddie Taylor and playboy Vinson lived the life and spread the news broke the ground and paved the road to the highway called the BLUES the blues now stalks the shadows like a fading memory who's going to sing the sings and carry on if not you and me.

I woke up early in the morning, put on my travelling shoes ,left sweet home Chicago and went looking for the blues I went to New York city, New Orleans and east L.A. then to Motown but the blues was gone 'fore day.
I even crossed the water and couldn't find him there, tuned in to CNN to find the blues is everywhere.

Let it go

et it go let the waters flow,
under the bridge let it pass below Yesterday has come and gone tomorrow we cannot count on
today we must work for our needs for we have hungry mouths to feed
our enemies we must befriend to bring this madness to an end
Homeless mothers bare and cry for hungry babies born to die
life is giving birth to death newborns rattle their last breath
The children are our only hope but they are walking a tight rope between our future and our doom the fruit of every mother's womb
the killing fields they are so vast we bury the future in the past tell me people how much more must we lose to the plague of war
How is it that we ignore the murdered children in Darfur pretending to be civilized we're condoning genocide.

Let it   go let the waters flow, I can't stand no more... feed the hungry, aid the sick
no more religious politicians tricks, global warming ain't no lie Mother Earth's about to die
Let it   go let the waters flow...


In Louisiana, Mississippi + Alabama Kathrina wrought more terror than Osama CNN interviews talking heads On bourbon street rats eat the dead
Goin' down hard in the Big Easy Can't hear excuses politicians make Over death cries as the levees break Now we know what it means to miss New Orleans the 4 horsemen rule, the mardi gras scene Goin' down hard in the Big Easy In   the French quarter the trumpet blows Is it Gabriel or Ole Satchmo? Ain't no saints come marchin' into the superdome , a stadium death now calls his own
Goin' down hard in the Big Easy Danny Brumfield and Ronald Madison
innocents killed by NOPD guns
the ninth ward slaughter
drowned in black waters
shattered homes missing mothers, sons and daughters
Goin' down hard in the Big Easy

In the sweet soul where the blues was born
you can hear taps moan from Louie's horn Fats Domino looks down from Blueberry Hill
in the devastation he finds no thrill...
Goin' down hard in the Big Easy

..................................more coming soon!